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Last September, we had a “dinner battle” and a fashion themed party at Vogue World that included baguettes from Fendi (type of bread), tea sandwiches from Burberry and cakes. small pastrami burgers from Katz’s Delicatessen provided by Michael Kors; But who is feeding the fashionistas this season? So far, it looks like people will have to carry bags big enough to fit the Kind and Clif bars to get through their days. (The micro-bags trend might finally fall!) As for dancing? There likely won’t be much excitement at the CFDA New Members Welcome Party at the Dimes Square Hotel, but then what? The vibes seem to be semi-secret rants with legendary DJs: Ambush’s Yoon Ahn is throwing a bash in here just for fun, and another by the promise of the newly launched Basic.Space app. will keep people crazy until midnight. Old New York tour

This is why I don't leave the house shirt

Once upon a time, New York City had its own menswear season; now we have Men’s Day. This season, the showcase is back at Hudson Yards, with 12 emerging male and female designers performing at Location05 and Daylight Studio. We’re looking forward to seeing Jahnkoy, finalist for the 2017 LHMH Young Fashion Designer Award, and newcomers All Beneath Heaven and Kent Anthony, as well as returning designers as the label. genderless by Aaron Potts A. Potts, Atelier Cillian, Terry Singh, and Nicholas Raefski. There is also the Raleigh Workshop, which produces men’s and women’s clothing, and the gender-neutral knitwear brand Bulan. Think of it like Charlie’s chocolate factory: endless possibilities to explore in the maze of all the menswear New York has to offer. Will there be dinner? Dance?

This is why I don't leave the house s hoddie-black

The battle between upmarket venues and downtown seems to be heating up. There are shows taking place at the Park Avenue Armory, the New York Public Library, the Guggenheim, the Plaza Hotel, and even the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. And downtown, we have shows at the Capitale Building, the East Village Heaven Can Wait club, Performance Space New York, and a few exhibitions. (Brooklyn shows seem to have gotten a bit behind this season.) But whether you’re uptown or downtown, you can discover what it feels like to be a “Sure Grandma” memo , put grandma to bed” by reminding your Gen Z seatmates at Collina Strada on Broadway and Howard that there was an American Apparel here (you know, near where it used to be). Opening Ceremony) or reminisce, “Barneys, the best store ever had the best sale,” while you’re waiting for Veronica Beard to begin. But don’t be surprised when your tablemate replies, “Oh, yes, it’s the Spirit Halloween store now.” Ah, New York! Will there be snow?

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