The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas shirt

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He can’t get Brexit done because even a confirmation would just be the start. Throwing out the January line is a complete lie but still, too many are falling for it. They’re dropping lies like confetti and the UK versions of Trumpites are gullible enough to swallow it. Just decrease and cut everything so the The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas shirt is on the blink of destruction and then put the numbers up so you look like the guys who saved the world! It doesn’t work. And several years of negotiations to get a new trade deal! If people voting for Boris because Brexit will be done and finished if he’s re-elected on day one then you are sadly mistaken.

The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas Guys t-shirt

Guys t-shirt

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Ladies t-shirt

It’s worrying that he chooses to ignore anything besides Brexit to dupe the electorate! His answer to everything is Brexit, which ironically is usually the cause of the problem in the first place. A vote for Boris is a vote for continued austerity. The tories know that this is their only selling point now to appeal to their voters. They offer absolutely nothing else and all of the poverty and cuts they’ve introduced are just ignored. Talk about pulling the wool over their eyes! In the The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas shirt, the U.K. economy will be in one hell of a financial mess. The Tory spending plans and tax cuts just don’t add up when you are taking a £180 billion year loss from leaving the EU! Why are some people still taken in by this liar and a conman!

The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas Hoodie


The Supremes Abbey road walk Christmas Sweater


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  • Shirts Imagexshirts us: 100% cotton (heather gray is 95% cotton /5% viscose. Heather Blue & Charcoal Gray are 80% Cotton/20% Polyester. Heather Burgundy is 65% cotton/35% Polyester) | Fabric Weight: 5.29 oz (heavyweight). Wide range of sizes from S-5XL. Fairly produced, certified and triple audited. Double stitched, reinforced seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar, and waist. Optimized for beautiful brilliance across all printing methods. Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
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