Stay salty counted shirt

Stay salty counted shirt, youth tee, hoodie, tank top and sweater. This shirt the official design from Available for T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve, sweater, youth tee, onesie for men and women. Click on the red button to buy this shirt.


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These limits are imposed in the French are due to the size of their trawlers & the quantity they can catch before returning. British trawlers hardly make a dent in the scallop population. It’s not the British fishing industry that depletes stocks around our coasts. It’s the larger European trawlers that do. I think the Stay salty counted shirt should dispatch a royal navy frigate to patrol & protect our fishermen. Because these big trawlers can easily sink the smaller British trawlers by side swiping them as seen in this video. They show no care for human safety or life. So, how about educating yourselves before criticising the British fishermen. Because if they couldn’t continue to fish when the bigger trawlers cant.

Stay salty counted shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Stay salty counted Sweater


Stay salty counted Hoodie


Stay salty counted Ladies t-shirt

Ladies t-shirt

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They wouldn’t have a living anymore. It has sod all to do with the environment & everything to do with spite. We can’t fish so we won’t let you either. The EU fishing polity largely protects European Fishing industry at the Stay salty counted shirt. This rule that allows British trawlers to continue to fish is 1 of a very few rules that favors British fishermen. What these French fishermen with their large trawlers are doing is a direct act of aggression on British citizens & they’re allowed to do so by their French authorities. I remember how we got into a fight with Iceland in 1973. It was called The Cold War. They were so pissed off with us that they attacked British trawlers with gunboats. It didn’t help that Iceland kept increasing the fishing zone and that served to get British backs up.


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