Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween shirt

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ts funny how the individuals who claim America is in trouble, in a crisis, our Democracy is threatened by the President are the very same who are instigating and advocating for a violent overthrow of the government. Democrats and their supporters have all called for intimidation/harassment for political opposition and such as this piece states. Brennan said we’re in a crisis but is actively trying to start a legitimate crisis. Yet he somehow believes he should have access to our nation’s top secrets? Why does everyone say Sessions is “honorable”. He told Jason Chaffetz that he wasn’t going to go after Pagliano because he’s “too close to the Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween shirt“. Honorable men aren’t too scared and feckless to do what’s right. That’s why they are honorable in the first place. It was never about Russian Collusion! It was all fake to even start with but the Deep State is seeing Trump done nothing so they went after his attorney and friends. It’s Blackmail! This is really sickening that these people have this much influence pretty much scare tactic’s to get you to talk or jail time.

Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween Guys t-shirt

Guys t-shirt

Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween Ladies t-shirt

Ladies t-shirt

Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween Hoodie


Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween Sweater


Kennedy picked a man he could trust to have his back. His Brother who was totally unqualified but loyal. Trump not so much. History will show that was his greatest mistake. Joesph Kennedy was a very wise man to demand JFK picked an Attorney General that would have his back. Anyone wealthy and connected enough to be President has skeletons. Trump so badly underestimated the importance of loyalty. How about using all this big investigating going on and go after the ones committing treason and bias based investigating and lying to Congress and the Pumpkin with black cat funny Halloween shirt and selling out America and promoting hate crimes and breaking their oath to uphold the constitution and let’s see the list goes on and on instead of wasting the working classes tax money on porn stars and not proven campaign violations lol.


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