Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween shirt

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Considering he has been performing since the 60s and is still performing, and that he has 100s of hit songs including “Not dead yet” I would say he is pretty important. This is what people should do. Those who whine, complain of police brutality etc, need to put on the Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween shirt and see what cops face every day. This woman is to be commended, turning a tragedy into a positive by serving her community. Mr. Williams, you are part of the problem. Instead of being civil, you have to resort to 2nd-grade name calling. And yes WHINING. If folks would comply with officers commands. Or better yet, don’t commit crimes! If you want to complain about the police, put on the badge. See what they face. Do a job where every day you face the real possibility of not going home that day, because you choose a profession to protect and serve others. Why is it “affecting so many” as you put it? If they didn’t commit the crimes, if they comply with officers they wouldn’t BE in that situation. So do something about it instead of griping.

Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween Sweater


Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween Hoodie


Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween Ladies t-shirt

Ladies t-shirt

Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween Guys t-shirt

Guys t-shirt

Louise Gresham Mills, we’re still waiting for one of you to explain how it is scandalous for Michelle Obama to wear a sleeveless dress, but perfectly fine for ArmCandy to have porno photo shoots all over the internet. My youngest is a 13-year cancer survivor and we spent many countless days & nights in Arkansas Children’s Hospital. It is so heartwarming, compassionate & lovely that you’ve taken the Pumpkin with baby pug funny Halloween shirt to spend time with our youngest & strongest warriors. So wonderful, our first lady is fantastic! You trolls do you get paid enough to spew hatred. Evilness from you trolls will not go unnoticed by God almighty!


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