May contain alcohol shirt

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Product Description

Let’s see how many more deaths globally. It’s not rocket science cancel it for the May contain alcohol shirt, What’s more, I will buy this sake of humanity. Donald Trump should take the lead on this and instruct the IOC that the USA will not be taking part. Other major states will follow and show up the IOC for what it is given the current global Public Health crisis. New York State is buggered at the moment let alone the fact that there are at least 10/12 more weeks of grief to come. Donald Trump couldn’t take the lead in a toilet roll parade he’s a sad sack and a laughing stock Dear IOC. Please cancel the Olympics as all of our chemists are busy. Love, some National Federations xxIt’s once every 4 years – they have 3 other years to choose from!

May contain alcohol shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

It needs postponing what is there to think about! Should not even be a consideration. Sad as we all love and look forward every 5 years to the May contain alcohol shirt, What’s more, I will buy this great spectacle. However, it is just not an option. I can’t see how this is even a choice right now. Other global sports have already made decisions. postpone it until next year. Not hard to decide even if it went ahead it would only be the japs taking part it’s not like we can fly to JapanIts just not going to happen I dont even know why it hasn’t been deferred canceled already the logistics health risks to athletes and then all the spectators is un-manageable who cares about sponsors and money when pls lives are on the line? What is so special about this event that it’s so difficult to cancel? Olympic games and human lifes & health which is more valuable?thanks for that Dr Smith How are teams supposed to prepare & train, let alone fly there.


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