I am the Liquor Jim Lahey shirt

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Product Description

I guess it’s more clear than ever now drinking will kill you! I’m not making a joke and I have sympathy for the families. You just never know what’s in any of that stuff. There really is no profitable reason for a person to drink. I honestly don’t know how and why these third world countries got to be travel destinations for so many. With the I am the Liquor Jim Lahey shirt I for one will never consider going. We have a home in Costa Rica, and what people are telling us is that this is the very cheap bottom of the barrel moonshine type stuff that local people drink on the street corners. It wasn’t something you’d get at a resort, hotel or bar.

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On tv you guys said we’re an island. Seriously get your geography straight. And it’s with cheap nasty liquors that people buy on the down-low. You’re not going to find that at a regular supermarket or a bar or restaurant. It’s the I am the Liquor Jim Lahey shirt. And reading this type of news I must say first was edited cause at the beginning was described Costa Rica as an Island seemed the journalists and many American citizens don’t study geography at all, the only island with a similar name is Puerto Rico second, many people here write like if in the US nobody has this chance, please remember the poisonous in the Napa Valley Wines a couple of years ago, then many people get GI from food manipulation in airports, restaurants, and malls, come on! Don’t play the fool cause it might happen anywhere in the world.

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