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Product Description

UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who beat Conor McGregor at UFC 229 on Saturday night, appears to be teasing a jump to WWE. Nurmagomedov’s status with UFC is up in the air after he threatened to quit the company if his training partner Zubaira Tukhugov was fired as Dana White said at the Khabib Air Jump Shirt. Tukhugov was one of the people who jumped the cage to attack McGregor but Nurmagomedov thinks it’s unfair to punish his teammates without repercussions on McGregor for the bus incident from a few months ago.

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Khabib’s post directed at the UFC is “number 1 bullshit”. Though sticking by your teammates seems like an honorable and unquestionable stance there are other factors at play here. I do not think it is kind to use religion and heritage as talking points in order to draw money but it is effective. You can’t take actions outside of the Khabib Air Jump Shirt that you were called to those actions by harsh words over your beliefs. It is weak. There’s a reason Khabib said his father was going to be upset with him. His actions simply weren’t ethical. Also he has chosen a bad strategy in dealing with the UFC and Dana White.

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Choose the right t-shirt:

  • Shirt size: You should not choose tight t-shirts, even if you want to show off your appearance, otherwise you will become ostentatious. If you have a fit body, choose a hug. In contrast, if you are too skinny or -overweight, choose a slightly broader shirt.
    Hand T-shirt Men: The length of the sleeve is 1/2 the length of the biceps. The sleeves that extend downwards will help you look taller.
    The length of the shirt: The bottom of the shirt should not be higher than the hip. For example, when you wear a belt, the lace must be covered and 5-7 cm longer than the belt.
    Shoulder Stitches: The shoulders of the shoulder should match the position of your shoulders, the end should not extend down to the biceps and should not be too close to the neck.
    Round neck: This is the most common and effective choice in men’s t-shirts. Round neck t-shirt suitable for men with the fit frame. The circular collar opens the direction of the shoulders, creating a balance and adding to the length of the neck and face.
    V-neck: V-neck T-shirt, although unorthodox, brings an interesting element and feeling of openness. This collar suits the lower ones, with round and wide faces.
    Note! Overweight people should not choose the V-neck T-shirt because they will direct sight down the abdomen. Limit the V-neck too deep, especially when your chest is not smooth or muscular.
    White: The origin of the blazer in sailor and military uniforms, white is the most popular color, suitable for all skin types and also very easy to combine with other items.
    Gray: The colors vary from white to black, the shape of the body but it is easy to see sweat.
    Black: This is the most difficult color to wear because it is easy to bring feeling monotonous, heavy. Black is also very suntan, so be limited to wearing on hot days.
    Blue: This color is deep and easy to impress, should be combined with blue denim or jeans to create harmony in the overall outfit.
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