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Oh, so he routinely turns away from people extending a hand in greeting, and has to be told not to be rude and disrespectful? Really? Wow, he IS just like Donny. Putting this man in charge of one of the supreme court chairs will be the second biggest mistake after putting that orange man in the high office with a slight difference a term lasts four years if they do not take it sooner. I expect. this other will undermine the decisions of the supreme court for the time of a lifetime. Well then if that’s true he should make it right by offering to meet him. The way he turned his back on that man combined with the look of disdain on his face was disgusting.

I fart in your general direction shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

I fart in your general direction Sweater


I fart in your general direction Hoodie


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Ladies t-shirt

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Protesters had been shrieking and interrupting his hearing that morning. Then, some guy just walks up to him with an arm extended, not typical in a hearing setting right? For all Kavanaugh knew, this guy could have been approaching him with a gun. Getting the heck out of dodge is a completely logical and reasonable response in this setting. The thing is, I believe him. Still should have shaken his hands though. I’m glad you used this picture of them making eye contact during the instance in question with this headline. Really he looked right at him and Parkland father Introduce himself more lies from the liar Kavanaugh.


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