Groot hug Welder shirt

Groot hug Welder shirt, youth tee, hoodie and sweater. This shirt the official design from Available for T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve, sweater, youth tee, onesie for men and women. Click on the red button to buy this shirt.

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Product Description

  Groot hug Welder shirt Not like a bad hurts like a,”I need him to hug me” hurts. It sucks when the person you love, trust, and care about the most isn’t always with you. It hurts when I can’t see him, text him, or hold his hand. I thought no one could understand me ever. Not even my family understands me. I thought that being depressed was better then being happy, bc I had been depressed so long that it felt normal to me, numbness, pain, fear, hopelessness it felt normal. People claim young kids don’t really fall in love with each other, well I must not have been a kid on the inside bc that boy I met when I was 9 hurt me. He hurt me too the point of crying at night, wondering what I did wrong, blaming it all on myself. I was completely in love with him even after he hurt me. It was like that for five years and no one noticed how my positive attitude and bright smile faded into everyone can just die and a constant numb expression. But Hunter understood. But only BC the same thing happened to him. I could tell when I fist saw him, that boy has been hurt. and I liked knowing he felt the same pain I had. So I let go of my ex and chased after him. He didn’t make it easy, but he didn’t make it hard to figure out that he liked me back. We celebrated 7 months together not to,long ago and I prey we celebrate the rest of our lives together. Its funny how I got attatched to him Don’t wear makeup, Hunter likes me without it. Groot hug Welder shirt don’t straighten my hair, Hunter likes my crazy, out of control, curls. Behave in class, hunter will be really proud. Make good grades, Hunter likes to see that. Do anything to make time with him, bc relationships take work and effort.

Groot hug Welder shirt, youth tee, hoodie and sweater.

Groot hug Welder Sweater


Groot hug Welder Youth tee

Youth tee

I love Hunter, and want to die holding his hand. I don’t understand why my family wouldn’t like him, he makes good grades, hes wanting to be a welder, and most of all, he will to do anything just to make me smile, but even him glancing at me makes my face go red. So he doesn’t half to try very hard. I just wanted people to understand why im so happy with him, and why I want to spend all my life with him, but then I realized….no one will be apart of our lives, no one has to be, I don’t care if all my friends dont like him or if all the guys want to shoot him. His mine. And that means something.


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