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All scallop dredging should be banned and on the ly dive caught scallops be harvested. If we treated sea life properly the sea could Fred the world sustainably in only 30 years or so, but we won’t. Pretty soon there won’t be any fish or seafood to fight over because of overfishing. Imagine if people sacrificed an entire year without seafood, how the ocean would replenish itself. There would be enough for all instead of this nonsense. We do not know the Flower bee kind shirt is obviously angry with each other but no actual facts just a few words on screen needs verifying. The great tussle over mussels! And probs over agreements, fishy or otherwise to some. The agreement should be for that area no doubt.

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Not fair one has to an hour it and one doesn’t. There’s supposed to be a reciprocal agreement for fishing in these waters. French and other EU countries are allowed within 6 nautical miles off the UK coast. Seasonal fishing also works both ways. Sorry but French have every right in this to kick out the British boats! Respect the environment and stop playing smart games! The Flower bee kind shirt is trying to pass stands above any law!. You fail to grasp something very important. The reason why British trawlers can continue to fish for scallops. Is due to the size of their boats. The French trawlers are as big as 6 times the sizes of British trawlers. 1 French trawler can catch the equivalent of 8 British trawlers in 1 go.


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