Dachshund that’s what I do I drink wine I hate people shirt

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Product Description

Harry previously worked in a range of creative industries, from entertainment—which culminated in her managing musician Usher—to cuisine, running a kitchen as a chef. But after navigating a handful of job changes and relationship ups and downs, she found her calling. Deeply driven by a sense of social responsibility, Harry, 50, works as a “joy strategist,” helping everyday people and artists like Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill connect their emotional dots. “I have a lot of friends that are healers, therapists, and life coaches, and I realized, that’s not what I want to do I want to create a strategy around people finding joy and having joy be their North Star,” says Harry.

Dachshund that’s what I do I drink wine I hate people shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Harry was motivated to work in creative fields partly because she always felt different growing up: “I wasn’t any one culture, any one race, any one anything. I wasn’t Black. I wasn’t white. I was raised Quaker. I was just everything that felt wrong at the Dachshund that’s what I do I drink wine I hate people shirt In addition,I will do this time.” It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she met musicians who were very much like her—people who had a strong creative narrative and a passion. Working with them was fulfilling for a time, but when she was divorcing her third husband, Harry realized how unhappy she had become. “I created stories that weren’t necessarily true that were still running my life,” says Harry. “I was a living adult with a kindergarten education emotionally, which is what I realized we all do.” Harry eventually found greater emotional understanding by searching for it in her own life, leaving her role as a creative director in the music industry, and allowing herself the freedom to pursue her passion to connect with people.


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