Blond Frank Ocean shirt

Blond Frank Ocean shirt, youth tee, hoodie, tank top and sweater. This shirt the official design from Available for T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve, sweater, youth tee, onesie for men and women. Click on the red button to buy this shirt.


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Does that sound like British waters to you? The French were merely trying to protect their fishing beds from total destruction by British registered trawling fleets that have a history of fishing to destruction. The French limit their fishing in this area, all other fishing fleets with access should do so too. But do the French do the same in our waters? Nope, t, hey actually have a larger quota in our waters than we do but that seems OK with everyone. Shazza Corr, you appear to be missing the Blond Frank Ocean shirt. Quotas are about preventing over-fishing, and if they (the French) have a bigger share than us, then so be it that’s a completely different argument. We should be helping to preserve stocks of scallops for generations to come, instead of putting short-term profit ahead of everything. I don’t think I am. Our waters are being over Fished by others so our quota is low causing them to fish other waters. If it was your living would you feel the same? We should all have my rules or only.

Blond Frank Ocean shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Blond  Frank Ocean Sweater


Blond  Frank Ocean Hoodie


Blond  Frank Ocean Ladies t-shirt

Ladies t-shirt

Blond  Frank Ocean Guys t-shirt

Guys t-shirt

We can survive without scallops a luxury food being fished in a method that destroys the seabed. Channel Islands waters are right beside French coast. Don’t know where these problems are though. Brexit? The gunboats will be out !. Not surprising really considering that we can fish in their waters and they can fish in ours but the Blond Frank Ocean shirt thing is we can’t fish in our own waters. Stupid EU rules again!. No one should be fishing if the reserves of scallops are so low that will finish by the end of a fishing season. Grow a brain. Eat more vegetables. Scalping dredgers are an awful thing. They ruin the seabed and destroy the environment for all sea life. The UK boats have to keep moving on to new areas as they do not give the sea bedtime to recover.


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