10 rules of July girl shirt

10 rules of July girl shirt,hoodie,tank top and sweater.This shirt the official design from ImageXshirt.com. Available for T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve, sweater, youth tee, onesie for men and women. Click on the red button to buy this shirt.


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Product Description

10 rules of July girl shirt,hoodie,tank top and sweater.

Seriously its frustatating.. I recently got married .10 rules of July girl. Thereafter thr were advices flowing all over free of cost.. Like.. married woman should never leave thr hair open as some guys might follow us thinking single.. that i should never depart shawl from me wherever i go after marriage coz its a symbol of respect even though its winter n m wearing a big overcoat or sweater i must show my respect by wearing a shawl. Keeps me constantly reminded abt it in office or elsewhere if in case i forget ny of it. There are lots n lots.. Wen vl society grow n help us breath in peace. Its like we have comitted a crime n thus jailed forever as a punishment with all those restrictions n rules.. Thankfully m happy that my husband does not take all those shits seriously n let me be the way i am as i let him be the way he is


10 rules of July girl


10 rules of July girl


10 rules of July girl

tank top

 Women in our society need to put bindi , need to wear bichua in her foot fingers and if in laws allow us to not to put pallu on head they consider themselves modern …. They start comparing themselves with other low mentality people in the society … Like look their DIL is doing everything according to in laws rules but we are modern and allowing you to do anything you want… I want to ask it’s a woman’s life her choice who are they to allow or not to allow while there are no such obligations to men… They can be seen wearing only undergarments and roaming in the street proudly…


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